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May 03, 2021

So Long, Phil!

Not many of our regular readers know who Phil Marion is. For most of our 20-plus years, Phil was the man responsible 24/7/365 for ensuring that Tigerland had fresh, hand-selected content for Auburn fans EVERY day.

On September 19, 2003, Phil posted his first story on Tigerland:

"The players should definitely be better compensated . . .

Since then, Phil spent most of the last 18 years as the managing editor for Tigerland with responsibility for scheduling Tigerland coverage and assigning on-duty editors to track breaking news. Phil, personally, has quoted and linked 54,800 (no, that's not rounded, that's exactly 54,800!) stories on Tigerland and Access Auburn. Phil will always be "Mr. Tigerland" to all of us.

Best wishes, Phil, on the next chapter and THANKS!

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